Wood Grain Thresher Burned in the Meeker Massacre, 1879

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Artifact is: 3 Dimensional Item

Located at Hayden Heritage Center

This artifact is significant to: Hayden and Northwestern Colorado

Artifact description:

The thresher for grains is made of wood, it is horse drawn and horse powered It was burned in the Meeker massacre of 1879. It had metal parts which were salvaged by Adam Fiske and his sons in 1884 and rebuilt.

Why is this artifact significant?:

The thresher threshed oats, wheat and other grains for food in the Yampa Valley.

How does the artifact relate to Colorado history?

The thresher got the people of Hayden and the Yampa Valley to grow more grains so they could use it for food and sell the excess to create an economy.

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