Tokens from Mt. Harris Coal Mining Town

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Tokens from Mt. Harris Company Coal Mining Town 


Artifact Is: 3 Dimensional
Located at: Hayden Heritage Center
Artifact Significant To: Colorado, Nation

Artifact Description:

Tokens from the company coal mining town of Mt. Harris, Colorado. 

Why Is This Artifact Significant?

Miners who worked for the Colorado & Utah Fuel Company were given living accomodations for themselves and their families in the company owned town of Mt. Harris.They were paid both in cash and company tokens  which were only redeemable in the company store located in Mt. Harris. All of these types of company owned coal mining towns in Northwest Colorado were dismantled after the mines closed down including Mt. Harris which was closed in 1958. These tokens represent a unique lifestyle of a particular time period in Colorado as well as our nations history.

How Does The Artifact Relate To Colorado History?

These tokens are one of the few remaining relics of life in a company owned  coal mining town during the period of time after the turn of the century when company coal mining towns dotted the landscape of Colorado- during the period when 'coal was king'.