Preservation Site Assessment

Watch for announcements for future preservation assessment opportunities!


Goals of a traditional preservation site survey:

  • Review institutional collection storage practices and collection condition.
  • Complete an internal and external review of building condition.
  • Review and assist in development of institutional preservation policies.
  • Expand institutional understanding of collection safety.
  • Expand staff knowledge of disaster preparedness.
  • Expand sustaining culture of preservation within institution

Benefits of a traditional preservation site survey:

  • Consultant report including observations and recommendations for preservation action.
  • Environmental Monitoring Kits made available to surveyed sites supporting continuation of traditional preservation program.

Committement of participants after a traditional preservation site survey:

  • Participants commit to reviewing survey recommendations.
  • Participants review recommendations with senior management and/or their board.
  • Participants develop preservation policy action plan based on recommendations.
  • Participants assign staff member responsibility for collection safety

Who’s eligible for a traditional preservation site survey?: During the 2013-14 Colorado Connecting to Collections Implementation Grant, experienced assessors will conduct 25 preservation site surveys across the state. The 44 institutions from the 2009 planning grant survey that indicated interest in a preservation site survey are being contacted to assess continued interest in participating in a site assessment.

What an assessment involves:

The assessment is a two-hour visit. Administrative and collections staff should be available during the survey—for smaller sites Board members or volunteers with collections care responsibilities may be asked to participate in the survey

Each site surveyed will receive a written report of recommendations for preservation action.

Surveyed organizations will review recommendations with senior management and/or their board, within 3 months of the assessment, and be asked to develop a preservation action plan within 6 months of the visit.