Picnic Posters at Pine Tree Park

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Posters Advertising Picnics at Pine Tree Park for Denver Realty Board and Printers Picnic


Artifact Is: 3 Dimensional
Located at: Pine Tree Park Recreation Area
Artifact Significant To: Denver, Golden, Lookout Mountain, Colorado, Nation


Artifact Description:

Posters advertising Picnics at Pine Tree Park for Denver Realty Board and Printers Picnic.

Why Is This Artifact Significant?

These posters represent typical activities for the post world war II era and the booming development of tourism along the Lariat Loop Byway. Founded by Elizabeth (Fowler) Wengler, who was the first Director of Recreation for Denver, the property and it's hosted picnics represent the excitement of the time and our fascination with motoring in the mountains, touring, camping, cabins, and picnicing with our families and social groups. 

How Does The Artifact Relate To Colorado History?

Denver Mountain Parks and early land speculators brought water and roads to lookout mountain but major development of subdivisions, homes, and businesses didn't take off until the 50's when the economy boomed and Denverites and out-of-towners were attracted to the views, fresh air, and ponderosa pines accessible easily from Denver on the Lariat Loop. Tourism drove businesses such as Pine Tree Park and many Coloradans still alive can remember Picnics at Pine Tree Park which operated until the late 90's.