Marriage Proposal Letter, 1866

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Artifact Is: Document
Located at: Fort Morgan Museum

Artifact Significant To: Colorado

Artifact Description:

A marriage proposal letter from Sgt. Charles A. Krayl, Co. B 3rd Batt, 18th U.S.I. (Fort Morgan, C.T.) to Hannah Jamison, delivered at Fort Morgan dated September 14, 1866. The letter professes Krayl's love of Jamison and his wish to marry her -- please see transcript of letter.

Why Is This Artifact Significant?

Personal letters from the Colorado Territory are rare (this is one of two that we have in our museum collection). We have copies of fort reports from the National Archives, but to have an original written marriage proposal that was later donated by family members of the proposed bride is a rarity and a treasure! This letter gives us insight into the human story of life at a U.S. Army fort. As Krayl ends his letter, "Make up your mind quickly . . ." We can conclude that time was of the essence, as this soldier had only recently seen this woman and was compelled to quickly propose. Since there are no physical remains of military Fort Morgan, any items we have from the Fort are both extremely rare and of great value. This letter is often recited during museum tours, and it provides a glimpse into a soldiers life not found in any official reports. 

How Does The Artifact Relate To Colorado History?

Fort Morgan existed from 1864 to 1868. This document was written at Fort Morgan during the times of the Colorado Territory, and at least in this instance gives a glimpse of love at first sight during the 1860's. We know from the family that Hannah declined his proposal, but she did keep the letter that give us insight into Colorado's past. 

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