Auraria Higher Education Center Groundbreaking Shovel, 1973

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Artifact Is: 3 Dimensional Item

Located at: Auraria Library, University of Colorado Denver

Artifact is Significant to: Colorado

Artifact Description:

One of the official Auraria Higher Education Center ceremonial groundbreaking shovels. It is about three feet long with stainless steel hardware and commemorative engraving showing the groundbreaking date of October 4 1973.

Why Is This Artifact Significant?

This shovel symbolizes the stark transition of Auraria from multi-ethnic neighborhood to a rare multi-institutional higher education campus that has embraced its unique past.

How Does The Artifact Relate To Colorado History?

While essentially just a shovel, this ceremonial object represents the irreversible movement toward the physical manifestation of the Auraria Higher Education Center. This tri-institutional campus has had a tremendous impact on the intellectual and academic robustness of Denver and Colorado as a whole and has provided countless opportunities for thousands of students from a wide spectrum of ages, ethnic backgrounds, and socioeconimic groups.

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