Collection Advocacy


In support of collections care across the state and recognize the importance of our historic and cultural heritage, Colorado Collections Connection promotes and encourages the general public to become partners and stakeholders in the preservation of our state’s treasured collections.

Colorado’s Most Significant Artifacts Campaign

2016 marks the fourth year of celebrating Colorado’s most treasured objects, photographs, documents, maps, art, and manuscripts being preserved by lour state's cultural heritage institutions.

Please Participate!

To highlight the role individual artifacts have in Colorado history, and to build statewide awareness of the importance of collection care, please nominate an artifact and participate in the 2016 Most Significant Artifacts Campaign!

Nominate an Artifact from your Collectins for Colorado's 2016 Most Significant Artifact Program!

The smallest historical societies could have collections that mean more to their particular communities than anything at the Metropolitan Museum in New York City does.

– Barbara Roberts, Conservator and hazard mitigation consultant